Travelogue- Japan, Osaka, Kyoto (Part 2)

DAY 4, 5 & 6

On day 4, we travelled to Tokyo by shinkansen which took us about 3 hours. We stayed in Tokyo for 3 days at this Airbnb which is located at 10 mins walk from JR Shibuya.

 photo IMG_2880.jpg photo IMG_2902.jpg

So the first thing I wanted to do when we arrived ar Tokyo is to visit the Gyoen Park to see Sakura but unfortunately it was closed. =(

Then we stroll around town and ended up at this Buta Don restaurant which turns out to be damn good. The meat is juicy and tender. Yummmsss!!!~

 photo IMG_2903.jpg

Then we visited Takeshita Street, Ura-Harajuku and Omotesando/Harajuku,

Ura-Harajuku is a street full of independent designers shops and vintage clothing shops. If you want to shop for some different and unique stuff, you should definitely check out Ura-Harajuku.

I found this cool Converse stall, White Atelier where you can choose to customise the 1 and only design. Worth checking out guys! photo IMG_2950.jpg

 photo IMG_2948.jpg

 photo IMG_2954.jpg

Then, while we were walking around Omotesando, we stumbled upon an alley way with a massive queue, so we went to check it out and guess what? We found Luke’s Lobster!  So we joined the queue and we ordered the lobster roll (1580 Yen) and lobster & shrimp roll (1380 Yen).

I’m glad we ordered 2 rolls instead of one because the taste was HEAVENLY! I love how juicy and tender the lobster meat were, mixing in with a flavourful buttery taste. The lobster was so fresh! Totally worth the hype!

 photo IMG_2916.jpg

 photo IMG_2922.jpg

 photo IMG_2919.jpg

After shopping, we went to Roppongi for some drinks and dinner and call it a day.

The next day we woke up at 7am for Chureito Pagoda to see Mt Fuji. The previous visit to Japan, we didn’t manage to see Mt Fuji because the weather was too cloudy and it was pretty much a wasted trip to Hakone. So I told Mark this time round I must see the Mt Fuji!!!

Before we left Shibuya, I had to take a mandatory shot with Hachiko. I’m glad I took this shot at this hour because look at the background, NO PHOTOBOMBERS! =)

 photo IMG_2988.jpg

Look at the spectecular and breath taking view of Mt Fuji from Chureito Pagoda. My dream came true cause I finally get to see Mt Fuji!!! I’m a happy girl now!!  photo IMG_3062.jpg

 photo IMG_3862.jpg

 photo IMG_3091.jpg

After visiting the Fujiyoshida City, we went back to Gyoen Park to try out luck again as I was dying to seeing the sakura/cherry blossom. And guess what, this is probably one the best day of my life to be able to see my favourite flower and Mt Fuji!!! If you don’y already know, cherry blossom will only last up to 14 days when they are fully bloom, so that is why they are precious.

 photo IMG_3106.jpg

 photo IMG_3130.jpg

 photo IMG_3111.jpg

 photo IMG_3083.jpg

 photo IMG_3152.jpg

We tried a random japanese curry with tonkatsu, we realise that you can get good japanese food pretty much everywhere, even in a random restaurant down the street. Haha! Japan rocks!!!

In these 3 days in Tokyo, we pretty much stroll around town, shop and eat. We also found the Robot Restaurant but it was too pricey that’s why we didn’t try it.

 photo IMG_3149.jpg

*Stay tune for my Kyoto trip post coming up soon. =)

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Travelogue- Japan, Osaka, Kyoto (Part 1)

So this time round, Mark and I were planning to visit Osaka, Kyoto and spend a few days at Tokyo. Since we are planning to visit a few places hence we thought of getting a JR Pass for 7 days would be cost saving for us.


You can get the 7 days JR Pass for 28,300JPY(SGD 310) each, they also have the 14 and 21 days selection. Once you use it, it will start counting from that day.

The JR Pass settles your transportation for 7 days including the Shinkansen for Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Also it covers transportation within the Tokyo subway and to JR Nara Station, BUT IT DOES NOT cover for travelling within Kyoto or Osaka.

Please take note that you can only purchase the JR Pass outside of Japan, so basically you will have to purchase it online before you fly. For more information about JR Pass, click here.


Once you have arrived at Japan Osaka Airport, you will need to proceed to JR ticket office at second floor to exchange for your actual JR Pass.

This is how the actual JP Pass look like, and please take note NOT to remove the pass from the card, as the pass will be invalidated then. photo IMG_2543.jpg

 photo IMG_2542.jpg

From Osaka Airport, we took the JR line to Namba and it only took us 5 mins walk to the Airbnb. We stayed at this Airbnb for 4 nights at about SGD 310. We really love this Airbnb because Winnie the host was extremely friendly, she greeted us upon arrival. Also, the location is very convenient. There is a supermarket next door and 10mins walk to Dotonburi and Shinbashi.

We were extremely hungry when we arrived so we went straight out for food after we dropped our luggages. We strolled around the neighbourhood and found this Ramen stall. Spent 1500JPY for 2 ramen. It was damn satisfying!!! LOL

After our lunch, we decided to go Kema Sakuranomiya Park for sakura but look at the trees behind us, there were nothing!!! I was pretty disappointed. =(

So we decided to go back to Dotonburi and Shinbashi. Dotonburi and Shinbashi is a lively place buslting with people, eateries and shopping. If you don’t already know, Osaka is well known for their Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, so it’s definitely a MUST try in Dotonburi.

We also found this Owl Cafe when we were at Dotonburi. You will need to pay 1500JPY each upon entry which comes with a drink and an hour interaction with the owl. If you chooses an alcoholic drink, it will be an additional 200JPY.

Although there about 18 different species of owls but you are only allowed to touch a few of the friendlier ones and only the beak. Obviously from the picture below, you can tell I was pretty afraid of this owl because the owl was pretty big and looked pretty fierce.

Well I’m not sure if I would recommend anyone to this cafe. As far as I like them and being close with the owls, but I feel sad that they were being locked up and lost their freedom to fly.

After the owl cafe, we went to Mizuno for dinner. The review for this restaurant was good and there was a queue outside the restraurant so we thought we should give it a try and it turned out well! The Okonomiyaki was good!

We went back to the apartment after dinner as we were both tired.


On day 2, we bought some sandwiches and drinks from the 7-Eleven for breakfast and then travelled to Minoh Park.


From Umeda Station, take the Hankyu Takarazuka line to Ishibashi Station and change to Minoh line. It cost 270JPY each. Once you have arrived the station, it will take 30-45 minutes walk/hike to Minoh Falls from the station so make sure you put on comfy footwear. Along the way up, there are some stops for drinks, food and toilet break. It is an enjoyable hike where you can get nice breeze with beautiful scenery and listening to the river flow.

After Minoh Park, we realised we did not have much time for the Instant Ramen Museum because the customisation for your own instant noodle closes at 330pm so we rushed down to Ikeda Station.

We paid 300JPY for each of the cup noodle. You can decorate our own packaging and customise your own flavour and toppings. It’s only worth while if you are coming to customise your own noodle as there isnt much to see in the museum.

We did not manage to get our lunch after Minoh Park, so after the museum, we pop by Hanamura restaurant just by the neighbourhood for late lunch and I had pork tonkatsu. It’s just a random restaurant down the road but it was still amazingly good! I just love Japan!!! <3

Then we went back to Dotonburi and Shinbashi for more shopping, If you are in Japan, you will never want to miss Don Quijote. It’s a shop where they sell everything and anything ranging from beauty, skincare, snacks, accessories, clothing, electronics, alcohol, branded goods and more, literally you name it they have it. Most importantly, they are all


After shopping, we went to Creo-Ru restaurant at Dotonburi for dinner and call it a day.



So on Day 3, we literally spent the whole day at Universal Studios Japan. We regretted for not buying the tickets online before hand because when we arrived the ticketing counter at 1030am, the express ticket were sold out. =(

So we had no choice but to queue patiently for every ride. I personally love The Wizarding World of Harry Porter and I love the butterbeer!!

We had a splendid time at Universal Studios and we end our night at a random local restaurant. =)

*Tokyo trip post coming up soon. =)

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Ultra Bali 24 & 25 Sept 2015

OMGGG I’ve just realized that this blog has been sitting in my drafts for ages. Oh well, it’s not gonna be a long post as I’ve edited a video for the entire 4 days 3 night Bali trip with my buddies (24th till 27th September 2015), it is available at the end of this post. 

There was 13 of us so we booked the 2 private Artisane Villas and Spas from Airbnb. This is the best villa I’ve ever stayed in so far. The location of the villa is great as it is 15mins walk to Potato Head Beach Club, about 2-3 mins walk to eateries, restaurants and massage outlets. The villa was very beautiful and spacious, the butlers who worked there were extremely nice, polite and helpful. Phil, the host was nice too by offering us discount on the extra beds. The butlers totally spoiled us by helping us to get food and necessities when we needed it and cleaned the house 2-3 times a day. They even prepare breakfast for us in the villa. Literally live #likeaboss Haha. (“,) Check out the video for the view of the whole villa.

Some of us landed a few days before the 24th and some landed in the morning of the 24th. The first we do, of course is to take a dip in the pool and have some booze, warming up for the night.

 photo IMG_7927.jpg photo GOPR1728.jpg photo GOPR1742.jpg photo GOPR1744.jpg photo GOPR1745.jpg photo GOPR1749.jpg

 photo IMG_8109.jpg

After having some fun at the pool, we all got back to our room to shower and get ready for the Ultra.

Just about right to catch my favourite Kygo with the sunset at the beach. The sunset was magical! It looks like a piece of giant painting, very beautiful!

 photo IMG_7955.jpg

 photo IMG_7992.jpg photo IMG_8006.jpg

 photo IMG_8115.jpg

 photo IMG_8122.jpg

 photo IMG_8076.jpg photo IMG_8090.jpg photo IMG_8117.jpg
 photo IMG_8126.jpg

Had such an amazing night on the first day, but we all left the party rather early as we were all tired.

The next day, we repeated the same thing. Literally, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.  So we had breakfast at the villa and then continued with some games at the pool with some booze, then we rented the bike and went to explore the neighbourhood. The girls also went for a short Balinese Massage.

On the second day, we decided to leave the villa slightly later, so we left at around 8pm as we wanted to save some energy and stay till the end of the event. But of course, we started the pre drinking as early as 11am. LOLX. #LifeIsGood

 photo IMG_8104.jpg

 photo IMG_8165.jpg

 photo IMG_8166.jpg photo IMG_8168.jpg

 photo GOPR1805.jpg

 photo GOPR1795.jpg photo IMG_8180.jpg

 photo IMG_8190.jpg   photo IMG_8196.jpg

 photo GOPR1841.jpg photo IMG_8208.jpg

 photo IMG_8243.jpg

We had a splendid time at Ultra Bali ,and taking a group picture is a must! We went back to the villa and continued our third round of drinking till 5-6am.

 photo IMG_8219.jpg

 photo GOPR1972.jpg

 photo G0161998.jpg

 photo IMG_8251.jpg

The next day everyone woke up around noon time as we were all tired and hungover. We just wanted to have a chill out day in Bali before everyone flew home on Sunday, but since we woke up pretty late, the driver that we booked was also late for us, by the time we arrived at Tanah Lot it was about 4pm. We just strolled around and watched the sunset at one of the restaurant, then we had seafood BBQ for dinner at Echo Beach, Canggu.

Some of us went to Kuta for drinks after the dinner and the rest of us went for Balinese Massage and went back to the Villa for some rest and the next day everyone packed our bags and left for the airport after breakfast. =)

It was a short holiday but everyone had fun and it is definitely one of the most memorable trips for me. Look forward to more trips like this!

 photo IMG_8595 copy.jpg

By the way, if you have not signed up for an account on Airbnb, feel free to click here to redeem SGD 28 off for your first stay with Airbnb. (not sponsored btw.)

Enjoy the video! =)

Cheers! photo ScreenShot2013-07-07at011016.png

Weekend Getaway to Bangkok

Bangkok, probably one of the place that I will not get sick of going. I could visit Bangkok 2-3 times a year because that’s how much I love it. I literally love everything about Bangkok, the food, massage, shopping, cafe hopping, nightlife, culture and the list goes on.

So end of last month, I went to Bangkok for a very short trip with 2 best friend of mine. The main reason for visiting is to go back to Erawan Shrine to offer many thanks to the Four Face Buddha as my wishes were granted, and at the same time to buy some new clothes for CNY.

So I flew from Singapore to Bangkok on Friday evening after work and meet up with my girls at the hotel, because we flew to Bangkok at a different timing and they are flying from KL.

I wasn’t sure what was the occasion but the queue at immigration was madness! It took me about 50 mins to clear the immigration.Then I took the airport rail to Phaya Thai and change it to Sukhumvit line, alight at Phrom Phong station. We stayed at 24 Inn which is located just right infront of Phrom Phong BTS. I thought staying here is more convenient for us to travel around.

As Jessica arrived at the hotel at around 10pm, we went straight out to Chinatown for dinner. We went to the well known T&K seafood as I was craving for some Thai lime steamed fish.       Fried stuffed Crab with Crab Meat and Glass Noodle- 50 baht a piece.       We love this dish because the taste was good, it wasn't too dry and I like that it   is pretty easy to eat it without getting your hands messy. Worth trying guys!
Mindyq.comSteamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic Lime Juice Soup- 300 baht (Small)       The fish was served cold and you need to let it simmer for about 10mins before eating. Overall it was good because the fish was fresh and the taste was very flavourful. I like the mixture of sour, spicy and garlicky taste of it.                        Steamed Prawns with Glass Noodle- 150 baht.                             Initially we ordered this dish because we only wanted glass noodle but they said it only comes with the steamed prawns, so we had it but we didn't try the prawnscause we were stuffed and they didn't fancy it. I'm a big fan of glass noodle so I tthought was quite good although it's abit oily.                             Tom Yum Soup with Milk - 150 baht (Large)                             Last but not least, the portion was generous. It comes with  squid,  prawns,  fish slices and button mushrooms. It was more spicy than I thought but it didn't stop me from digging for more. We literally finishes up all the soup, it was that good!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel. And the next morning, we woke up early and our first stop was Erawan Shrine.

Mindyq.comAfter Erawan Shrine, we went to Central World’s Jelly Dreams as I wanted to get some Melissa shoes. End up I bought a pair of Melissa X Jason Wu (approx 2300 baht) and Melissa X Vivienne Westwood (approx 4000 baht) flats. Imma happy girl now!!!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.08.45 pm.png photo Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.09.18 pm.png

After Central World, we took a cab to Chatuchak Market. We spent about 4-5 hours at Chatuchak. As usual we were sweating like mad but still enjoying it cause we got lots of stuff at very good price.

As we wanted to fully utilised our Saturday, so the next stop was heading to Siam for more shopping. While browsing, we spot this Eve And Boy shop was extremely crowded and we just pop in to check it out. It is like the asian version of Sephora. They have plenty cosmetic brands from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and some western brands like Maybelline, NYX, Sleek and etc. If you are around, do check it out!!

After a long hours of shopping, we were exhausted and decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe for a drink. I got myself a Magical Mystery Mojito, it was really good. But well you know, you will be expecting to pay more as you are in Hard Rock Cafe.

So Jessica claimed that she hasn’t try After You Cafe before so we thought of bringing her there to try their amazing Shibuya Toast. So we ended up getting a Shibuya Toast and the Nutella Toast for sharing.

 We went back to the hotel around 8pm and thought of going the massage centre behind for a short massage, before heading out to the bar or club. But after a full day of walking and shopping, plus after the massage, we were all knackered. We went to 7/11 and grab some bites, took a shower and call it a night.


On the third day, which is my last day in Bkk, as I had to catch the flight at 815pm. So we only did some shopping at Platinum Mall, lunch at Som Tam Soi 5 Siam Centre and went to Karmakamet Diner to chill out.

As Karmakamet Diner is located at 5mins walk to 24 Inn, it is super convenient for me to walk back to the hotel, pack my luggage and then off to the airport.  A very short trip but a very wonderful one, had a fun time shopping with these girls.


 photo ScreenShot2013-07-07at011016.png


Thanks God It’s Almost Friday!!!!

Basically I just want to share my excitement with you guys so it’s gonna be a super short post. I have been working for a new company for about 2 weeks now and I’ve finally close my first deal today!!! I’m over the moon!!!

Also I’m flying to Bangkok tomorrow for a short weekend getaway!! Very excited as I’m gonna eat all the good Thai food, do lots of cheap shopping and massage therapy.

Gonna go pack my bags now and keep you guys updated!! =)


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Travelogue-England Part III

On Christmas morning, Scarlet (the one in stripes) knocked on our door and woke us up, she invited us to go downstairs so we could open up our Christmas presents with the family. How lovely!

So we left the kids to distribute the gifts and it took us about an hour to clear it all.

So happy to receive all these gifts. Mainly from my awesome boyfriend!!!! *muakssss*

Mark’s mum and bro prepared an awesome Christmas meal for the family. Very satisfying meal and love every bit of it. So heart-warming!!!

Girls waiting for their meal patiently.

This is probably one of the most relaxing holidays after so long. Get to spend some quality time with the family, walked the dog around the neighbourhood and try activities that I have not tried before like rifle shooting and archery.


After spending 6 days at Mark’s home, on 30th, we travelled up to Leeds to Oliver’s house for New Year celebration. As Maria had to fly back to Malaysia urgently, therefore I had to spend the day with the boys and I did some shopping on my own in

On 31st, the gang went out to get some booze and snacks for the party. Decorated the place and get ready for the party. So we did some pre drinking before heading out to the bar, and then went back to the flat to continue drinking and countdown. It was a crazy night but very fun cause everyone was tipsy and drunk. photo

The next day Mark and I had to catch the train to Bristol as we are celebrating Mark’s birthday with the family on the 2nd. As I have only 2 more days left in England, so I went to town with Tia to do some last minute shopping to bring back to Singapore.

After shopping, we met up with the family at Bocabar for Mark’s birthday lunch and then went bar hopping at

Our flight on the 3rd was at 11am, so we had to catch the bus to London Heathrow at 6am. This holiday seems to have flown by but it is a fruitful one. Need to get back to reality !!  =(


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Travelogue-England & Germany Part II

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Frankfurt. Love the blue sky and the chilly weather, the best background for an OOTD. =)

 so our first stop is Adolf Wagner for breakfast, they are a traditional restaurant that serve authentic German food. Apparently they are very well known among tourists so we thought of giving it a try. The three of us ordered the same dish, which is bratwurst with sauerkraut and their signature apple wine. The food was pretty good and the portion was huge! Really taste so much better than the German restaurant food in Malaysia and Singapore.

so after breakfast, we just stroll around town aimlessly.

 We thought of going to the Cathedral so we could capture a beautiful skyline of Frankfurt town. So we purchased the ticket, walked into the Cathedral and the moment when I looked at the stairs, I felt like I should just walk out instead because I’m a bit claustrophobic.

We need to climb up these 328 narrow spiral stairs. OH MY GODDDDDD!!!! Look at the images below and you will understand!!!

But Mark insisted that I should since I have already paid for it and the view would be worth it, so I did! It was a long climb up but the view is magnificent!

and look what we found when we were shopping in Myzeil Shopping Mall.

This cool 3D laser cut figurine of yourself!!

 Since we didn’t get to explore the Christmas Market properly yesterday, so we went back there again on the second night.

we tried Lángos and Kartoffelpuffer. Lángos taste quite similar to youtiao or Naan but they come with assorted flavours, we didn’t know which one to get cause we couldn’t read German, therefore we asked the lady for the best seller, which is “Sour Cream and Garlic”. The taste was quite good but the portion was quite big, we shared among the 3 of us.

Whereas for Kartoffelpuffer, is basically fried potatoes that taste very similar to rosti and it is in palm size, served in 3 per portion with apple sauce or sour cream. I thought it was too oily for me though and I didn’t manage to finish it.

After all the shopping and crazy amount of food, we went back to our hotel and called it a night.


The next morning we checked out at 11am and my uncle picked us up, we went to Heidelberg Castle, Zweibrücken The Style Outlets and then back to his place at Landsthul. We also went to the supermarket in Landsthul to get some German bratwurst to bring back to England.

Spent some quality time with my family and went for dinner at an Italian restaurant,

Unfortunately our schedule is pretty tight so we didn’t manage to spend much time in Germany, but I’m sure I will be back again. We flew back to London the next morning on Christmas Eve at 11am and we had to travel all the way back to Mark’s home at Leintwardine to surprise his mum.

I had my yogurt on the plane that I bought the night before. I was amazed with the selection they’ve got for yogurt. It was madness! You name it, they have it!

This is when we arrived at London Heathrow.
 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.36.25 pm.pngIt took us about 7-8 hours to travel to Leintwardine including all the waiting. Mark’s brother and dad came to pick us up from the train station and we had to sneak in to the living room while his mum was upstairs. We sat in the living room and the moment she came back in and saw us both, she was stunned! Haha. Look at his mum’s reaction in this picture!!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.34.39 pm.png

We were both starving as we were rushing back to surprise his mum and did not manage to get food on the way, so Mark’s mum cooked us a hearty meal. Yummsssss!

Look at the amount of Christmas present we have!! My second Christmas in England and I’m so glad and happy to be back!! This is probably one of the best Christmas I have ever celebrated!!!

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-07at011016.png

Travelogue-England Part I

Sorry for being MIA for awhile, I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. Well, I’ve just got back 2 weeks ago from travelling and I spent 2 and a half weeks in UK and Germany for Christmas and New Year. But 3 days before my trip, I quit my job at Big G, it was a tough decision for me but I know it is time to move on. And I’m happy to say that I could finally enjoy my holiday to the max!!! Literally no emails, no phone calls, no problems and I’m free like a bird! *giggles*

Mark and I took a night flight to London and we flew with Vietnam Airline, the plane seems new, food was decent so we were quite happy about it. When we transit at Ho Chi Minh, we met up with my friend, Maria who is flying to London with us.

After 18 hours, we were all tired but very excited. Finally arrived in London!!!

After we have cleared the immigration check, collected our luggages and we went straight out to get our SIM cards. You can find some SIM cards vending machines before leaving the airport.There are few network provider and packages to choose from.

I picked the EE network provider as it is the only network that can get strong signal at Mark’s home.

While we were on the way to our guest house, we saw this cute Disney Christmas Tree made of Disney soft toys at St Pancreas train station.

Stayed at Charlotte Guest House located at West Hampstead. I highly recommend this place if you are looking at a central location guest house with reasonable

Everytime when I visit The Breakfast Club, I will definitely go for The Full Monty. So yummyyyy!!!!

Christmas is my favourite festive season of the year, so strolling around London makes me feel so festive and happy. One of my favourite spot to visit in London is the Southbank’s Centre, usually they will have some pop up stores and bars. And you will be able to see beautiful view of Big Ben and London Eye.

We also went to Burger & Lobster for dinner. I had the chargrilled lobster. The lobster was huge and meaty, and it was served with a portion of fries, a bowl of salad and lemon garlic butter sauce.

Two thumbs up for Burger & Lobster!!

After dinner, we went to a bar near by for some drinks. Had a few drinks and had to go back to the guest house as I was knackered!

The next day, I was all dolled up for my first #OOTD and went to Oxford Street for some shopping.

Before shopping, we went to Five Guys for lunch. Mark and I were really impressed with the drinks machine. They come with multiple drinks and multiple flavours like Cherry, Orange, Vanilla, Lime, Raspberry, Peach, Fruit Punch and the list goes on.

Found this gem! Oreo with Reese!!!

Oxford Street shops shut at 6pm on Sunday =( I didn’t manage to buy a lot of stuff, so sad! So we went to a popular Fish & Chips shop Poppies at Camden Market for

Only spent a few days in London and we are off to Germany!

We arrived Frankfurt at around 5pm and we did not book any hotel before hand so my uncle who lives in Germany, drove us around town area and look for a hotel. We ended up staying at Hotel Continental because the location is good, the price is decent and the room is clean and spacious for 3, but so sorry I didn’t take any picture of the room.

So after we checked in, we left our luggages and went straight out for dinner. As I’ve been looking forward to visit the Christmas Market for the longest time, so we decided to go the Christmas Market at Frankfurt Alstadt for dinner.

This is one of the largest Christmas Market in Germany and it is so beautiful!!! photo christmas market.jpg

Image: Thomas Cook

Finally we got to try the proper local delicacies which is mulled wine (only available during Christmas period), bratwurst, chips, German pork chop with mushroom and German bread. German Bratwurst is still my favourite!!!!

 After dinner we went back to our hotel and rest as we were all pretty tired after all the travelling.

To be continued…

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Travelogue- Family trip to Taiwan

I have been procrastinating recently and finally I had the time around it to finish up this post. So I went to Taiwan with my family and my relatives in April, we spent 7 days and 6 nights in Taipei.

This trip isn’t the most adventurous one as there are 13 of us including the kids, so the itinerary is quite relaxing one.

I flew from Singapore alone and met up with my family at Taipei Airport. So while waiting, I got myself a quick bite from the convenient store. It’s something like “luk-luk” in Malaysia where fish cake, tofu, pork ball and etc are cooked in soup.

 photo IMG_9916.jpg

I’ve also got myself a local SIM card and there are 3 different companies one to choose from depending on which package suits your need more. I went for the ChongHwa 7 days SIM that cost me NTD 500, it comes with NTD 150 call time and unlimited data.

 photo IMG_9923.jpg

 photo IMG_9925.jpg

My family arrived at around 1030pm and the driver came and picked us up. Our hotel is 2mins walk from Shihlin Night Market. It’s actually a campus hotel (Ming Chuan University)meant for Hotel Management students and the agent booked it for us, it is not open for public. We love the hotel as it is super spacious and the location is very convenient. If you are keen to book the same hotel or needed a driver, you can contact Little Sun on whatsapp at 886933018681.

So here is a breakdown of places we have visited/been.

Wu Fen Pu, Rao He Night Market, Addiction Aquatic Development, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Sogo, East Metro Mall, Shihlin Night Market, Xi Men Ding, Taipei 101, The Top  restaurant, Ye Liu, Jiu Fen, Shi Fen, Dan Shui Old street, Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring.

So on the first day, we had breakfast at a cafe opposite our hotel then went to Wu Fen Pu for some shopping, lunch at 胡须⻓ Hu Xu Zhang Braised Pork Rice & Rao He Night Market.

 photo G0020017.jpg

 photo GOPR0112.jpg

 photo GOPR0115.jpg

 photo IMG_9972.jpg

 photo IMG_9983.jpg

 photo GOPR0468.jpg

We were at Rao He Night Market and saw this store with super long queue, we thought it’s gonna be good so we gave it a shot. It’s a peppery pork bun with lots of scallion grilled in a charcoal oven. The taste is like our steam pork bun but with strong black pepper taste.

 photo GOPR0472.jpg

This fried squid is probably one of our favourite snack in Taiwan. We had this squid EVERYDAY!! As we were just staying across the street from Shihlin, it’s very convenient for us to get it. I think we had more than 10 large squid in 7 days, I’m not even exaggerating, it is that good!! Although it’s pretty bad for us but we just couldn’t resist. My favourite flavour was the salt and pepper topped with lime juice.

 photo GOPR0476.jpg

 photo GOPR0485.jpg

 photo IMG_9949.jpg

 photo IMG_9954.jpg

 photo IMG_9955.jpg

 photo IMG_9957.jpg

 photo IMG_9976.jpg

On 2nd Day, we went to Aquatic Addiction Development for lunch, shopping at Sogo & East Metro Mall, Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall and dinner at Shihlin Night Market.

If you are going to visit the Aquatic Addiction Development, try to avoid lunch time. When we were there, it was very crowded and all the restaurants were full, people were queueing for tables. Most of the shelves with sushi and sashimi were mostly empty and the cashier queue was insane. After we grab as many food as possible, we had to search and wait for standing table to eat.

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 photo GOPR0499.jpg

 photo GOPR0493.jpg

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They also offer cooked food like fried rice, miso soup, grill salmon, grill mackarel and etc. So is good for people who doesn’t take raw food. My family enjoyed dining there even though the crowd was crazy, all the seafood was fresh with reasonable prices.

Here is a picture of us cheers with our sake. =)

 photo IMG_0492.jpg

 photo GOPR0502.jpg

 photo DSC09591.jpg

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The following day we went to Xi Men Ding. We had our breakfast at Yong He Soya Milk (永和⾖浆) and lunch at Ah Zong Mian Xian (阿宗⾯面线). We also visited the Taipei 101 building and had our dinner at The Top Restaurant.

If you are looking for a restaurant to chill with nice scenery, The Top restaurant is a pretty good choice. The food is average but the ambience and the view from the restaurant is good. But make sure you make your reservation before heading there and try to avoid 5-7pm as we had to wait for 3 HOURS for our table. You could arrive at the restaurant probably around 4pm and just sit down and relax while having your meal, you could catch a beautiful sunset view from there.

 photo IMG_0294.jpg

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 photo IMG_0076.jpg

 photo IMG_0077.jpg

 photo IMG_0194.png

 photo DSC09613.jpg

 photo DSC09620.jpg

 photo IMG_0101.png

If you are looking for a restaurant to chill with nice scenery, The Top restaurant is a pretty good choice. The food is average but the ambience and the view from the restaurant is good. But make sure you make your reservation before heading there and try to avoid 5-7pm as we had to wait for 3 HOURS for our table. You could arrive at the restaurant probably around 4pm and just sit down and relax while having your meal, you could catch a beautiful sunset view from there.

Do take note that every pax has a minimum spending of NTD 350 in this restaurant.

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 photo DSC09661.jpg

Went to Dan Shui Old Street and Xin Bei Tou Hot Spring the next day. Didn’t do much that day, we just stroll down the street and did some random shopping and food.

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Had this yummy fish ball with pork meat fillings and Dan Shui.

 photo DSC09707.jpg

 photo DSC09711.jpg  photo DSC09706.jpg

Another favourite snack of mine is the ice cream popiah with shredded peanuts. so yummy especially in these kind of sizzling hot weather. PERFECTOOO!!

 photo IMG_0205.jpg

My relatives and parents wanted to try the hot spring and we didn’t want to pay too much for it. So we went to this public hot spring bath that only cost us NTD 40 each.

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 photo IMG_0291.jpg

On the final day itself, we wanted to visit somewhere further but didn’t want to travel on our own as we are in such a big group, so we hired our driver for a full day ride. We visited Yeliu, Jiu Fen and Shi Fen.

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We also bought some local biscuits. This is call Yi Kou Su (一口酥). You can look for this shop or this chirpy lady boss. Its a type of biscuits with assorted flavours where it just melts in your mouth but at the same time it is slightly chewy. Couldn’t find this elsewhere though, regret that I didn’t get a few more packets. photo IMG_0412.jpg

 photo IMG_0414.jpg

 photo IMG_0410_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0409_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0450_1.jpg

 photo DSC09753.jpg

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 photo DSC09802.jpg

 photo DSC09822.jpg


Sorry for such a long (boring) post. That’s all for now!


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Chick and Ken

If you have been to Stateland Cafe and Honeycomb, you would probably find  Chick and Ken interior design familiar. Well, it is owned by the same bosses. 

Chick and Ken offers korean fried chicken and bingsu which seems to be the trend.

 photo dc058558-6ecc-4144-a75d-434f2785bbe7.jpg

Mark and I ordered the least korean flavoured chicken, Salted Egg Chicken ($15.90 for 8 pieces of drumlets and wings). You can also opt for the 16 pieces option at $29.90.

I love the fact that the they were generous with sauce although it caused the chicken to lose its crispiness, but I enjoyed it that way.

 photo 233b4c37-b80b-408d-a2ee-dff41890704a.jpg

The spam fries portion were huge and the taste of it were different from the usual spam fries, it has a kick of soy sauce on the outside.

 photo 3420dff0-2458-4f41-b4dd-f40b7be10179.jpg

Mark is a big sucker for Thai Milk Tea and so we picked the Cha-Yen bingsu. Its the combination of Thai Ice Milk Tea and honey coated cornflakes.

It was my first time trying bingsu and I thought the bingsu was on a pricey side. It taste like our ice kacang but fancier. The presentation looks pretty appetizing though. I also thought its a little too sweet for my liking but I won’t mind if its just once in a while.

 photo c1a5e318-549e-4298-a63c-dd1718e8f025.jpgO

Overall I would rate it a 8.5/10

I wouldn’t mind popping by again for their salted egg chicken. =)

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